Uncovering the Truth

February 11, 2016

There’s been a lot of debate recently about what a true insight is. The fact is, what many agencies believe are insights really are not. That’s why we are after truth. Real human truth. It’s at the heart of all the work we produce and baked into every strategy we devise. To help us get there, we have built a state-of-the-art Empathy Lab right in our Dallas office. From human interaction, to body language recognition, to eye movement heat mapping, we’re utilizing the latest psychological exercises as well as the most innovative technology to uncover true insights that unlock impactful work. In addition, we invite all of our clients to witness the lab sessions virtually or in person as honesty and transparency are at the core of what we are trying to accomplish. In our Empathy Lab, we’re pioneering new ways to capture, analyze, and work with data. We genuinely believe that in our quest to develop groundbreaking creative ideas that work, the truth is on our side.